The first Defi Ecosystem Powered By Memefi. Focused On Rwa And Mining

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Gems DAO

An opensource crosschain RWA focused decentralized exchange built on Solana.

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Decentralization at the core

Gems DAO stands at the forefront of innovation, intersecting the realms of Memefi, DeFi, and NFTs to forge a new paradigm in hybrid decentralized finance. Initially centered around diamond mining, Gems DAO's vision extends to encompassing various analogous mining operations. By doing so, Gems DAO aims to inject deeper liquidity and yield into the DeFi ecosystem through Real World Assets (RWA). The first meme powered Defi ecosystem.

On-chain, transparent governance

In our drive towards decentralized Real World Assets (RWAs), we're employing a hybrid DAO model. Token holders utilize on-chain governance for transparent decision-making, while off-chain coordination handles practicalities such as legal compliance, ensuring efficiency and inclusivity as we democratize access to RWAs.

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Partnered with skilled teams delivering tons of on-chain experience.

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