GemsDao Collector
Gems Dao - decentralization of rare earth gems and minerals . This pass accesses all future projects and opportunities created by the DAO .
GemsDao is massive
7 Billion+
GemsDao has over 7 Billion+ in assets pledged to the Protocol . Verification of these assets can be found in the GemsDao vault.
Join a community of 10 thousand like minded individuals working with rare earth Gems and metals.
100 Billion+
Market overview
With a current market cap of 100 Billion+ the decentralization of all rare earth and metal industries will allow for global onboarding and diversification of multiple asset classes.
Get exclusive access to our holder benefits
As a GEMSDAO membership holder , you will get access to a complete world of decentralized rare earth gems , metals and useful protocols.
Future Projects
Get early Access to all of the Future projects in the GemsDao ecosystem.
This Organization exists for GEMS DAO participants to allocate and delegate resources for the long-term growth and prosperity of the GEMS project.
Beta Access
Membership holders will receive beta access to the Gemsdao decentralized protocols and technologies released within the ecosystem.
Geology reports and asset verification for each class presented by the Gems Dao Protocol.
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